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THE SUPER BOWL is upon us, and that means it’s time for another team to see if they can beat the New England Patriots. This year, it’s the Los Angeles Rams. If you don’t care about either of those teams, we’ve included two fluffier alternatives. Regardless of which show tickles your fancy, it’s sometimes tough to figure out how to stream it without a cable subscription. We’re here to help, loyal readers. Below is the WIRED guide to streaming all the Bowls.

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What Time Do These Events Start?
Sunday, February 3, 2019, is a busy day.

Kitten Bowl IV (2 pm ET): The sixth Kitten Bowl will kick off the day’s activities at 2 pm eastern time on the Hallmark Channel and will re-air at 5 pm. It features a ton of adorable kittens competing for the “Feline Football trophy” and a “forever home” to live. All these cuddly critters are up for adoption.

Puppy Bowl XV (3 pm ET): The 15th Puppy Bowl kicks off an hour later, at 3 pm ET, and airs on Animal Planet. Judging from the schedule, you can pretty much tune into Animal Planet anytime on Sunday and see some sort of puppy-related content. The Puppy Bowl XV starting lineup includes 39 puppies and pits Team Ruff against Team Fluff. They are also adoptable.

Super Bowl LIII (6:30 pm ET): The 2019 Super Bowl livestream begins Sunday, February 3, at 6 pm ET, and kickoff is at 6:30 pm. It airs live on CBS from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Gladys Knight will sing the national anthem, and Maroon 5 will dance around and sing halfway through the game. The TL;DR method to get the game is to watch free on or sign up for a free 7-day trial of CBS All Access. There are a ton more details a few sections below.

For a complete day of baby-animal cuteness and Super Bowl insanity, you’d normally need a cable subscription that includes CBS for the Super Bowl, Animal Planet for the Puppy Bowl, and the Hallmark Channel for the Kitten Bowl. Luckily, there are now a lot of live TV streaming services that replicate cable for less and often have free trials.

DirecTV Now’s $40 “Live a Little” Plan Has Everything: This has all three channels for $40 a month, along with 62 others. Use the free 7-day trial to your advantage. The DirecTV Now app is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TVs, and Roku devices. You can also Chromecast it to your TV using the iPad/iPhone or Android app, and it works on a PC or Mac if you visit

Sony’s $50 PlayStation Vue “Core” Plan Also Has It All: Vue has all three networks and a free 5-day trial. The $45 “Access” plan has Animal Planet and CBS, if you’re not so into the Kitten Bowl. It’s available on PS4, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Android TV.


There are three easy ways to watch the Kitten Bowl online. All of these services are basically websites/apps that offer live TV channels via the internet. Most of them have a website you can watch on and work on Roku and most of the best streaming devices.

Philo’s $16 Plan Has the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl: Philo is a lesser-known live TV service that skips the big networks to deliver a cheap price. Its plan does have Animal Planet and the Hallmark Channel, so you’re in luck if you hate football that doesn’t revolve around cute pets. To get the Super Bowl, you’ll need an alternative way to access CBS, such as CBS All Access or a digital antenna to pick up your local station (see the sections below for details). Philo works on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and has iPhone/Android apps.

Sling TV’s $30 Plan Is Kitten Friendly: Order the standard $25 Orange or Blue bundle (with a 7-day free trial) and add the $5 Lifestyle package to get the Hallmark Channel. Sling TV is compatible with most devices. Sadly, it does not have Animal Planet or CBS, though Sling will send you a free antenna to get local channels.

Fubo TV’s $40 Plan Has the Super Bowl and Kitten Bowl: Fubo has a higher price tag but has 85-plus channels, including Hallmark and CBS—and a free 7-day trial. It has good device support and you can watch it on a web browser, too.

AT&T’s $15 WatchTV App Has the Puppy and Kitten Bowl: This AT&T plan has Animal Planet and Hallmark, along with around 30 other channels. It has a free 7-day trial, and if you already have an AT&T Unlimited mobile plan you might already have access. It works on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPhone, and Android phones. Oddly, it does not support Roku.